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Sell Your Home?

The Husky Homes team consists of professional sales consultants that help clients to transition to their next step of life through the sale of their existing home.

Sellers' Guide
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Purchase a Home?

Helping clients with a home purchase is part of the bread and butter within the Husky Homes team, no matter if that purchase is for a single family home, condo, plot of land or multi-family investment. Our sales consultants excel with helping clients find their first, next or last home, providing strategic expertise and advocacy throughout the transition.

Buyers' Guide

New Construction

There are many considerations when looking to purchase a resale home vs. new construction. The Husky Homes Team has extensive experience helping our clients find the home of their dreams by working with local builders. As your advocate we help to negoiate the best terms and lowest price for you. You may think you do not need an agent because the builder has a real estate agent to draft the contract, however, that agent is working for the builder/developer where with a Buyer's Agent, we will work directly for you.

Having a Buyer's Agent is FREE to you and gives you an advocate to compare & evaluate builders. Agency with us provides you local analysis of Madison Area Builders regarding quality, history, reputation, service and options available. We can help you with lot availability and selection, evaluate which options should be done by the developer during construction and which are more affordable to be done post closing, and negotiate terms and conditions that are favorable to you and still acceptable to the builder. With our exclusive list of New Construction Madison Area Builders we can discuss how New Construction may be your next step to your dream home.

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Multi-Family Investment property

Investments/Multi-Family Opportunities

The beauty of real estate is that there are endless possibilities to build wealth, financial freedom and independence. Our sales team members are trained to help investors, whether they are ambitious first time learners or skilled experts looking to expand their portfolio. We also have connections with several real estate/investment industry professionals that will help guide you on your path to success.

Investing in real estate can take many different forms, and our team is experienced in educating about the many different opportunities within real estate investing. This includes, but is not limited to: flips, house-hacking, rentals/buy and hold, and the transition from one investment to the next with a 1031 exchange. We guide our clients to understand cash flow and capitalization rates, and to also understand the long-term strategies involved with real estate investing.

The Husky Homes team will work with you to analyze the numbers involved with real estate investing, performing in-depth market analyses and strategy discussions based on location, features and market conditions, plus timeline management, strategic contract negotiations & more; exceeding your expectations every step of the way. We are your expert guides with tech-focused, proven & efficient real estate transaction management people & systems, and your resource to connect you to all things home- with an incredible network on industry professionals to help to maximize your net profits and/or cash flow.

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