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Over the past month, the real estate market has made dramatic shifts with regards to public perception and overall affordability. What a purchaser could afford as a monthly payment 6 months ago with the same down payment has now drastically decreased due to increased interest rates because of inflation. We’re seeing two main reactions to these changes:

  1.        Buyers are waiting for interest rates to go down and are not prioritizing their home search
  2.        Buyers are leaning into the fact there is less competition, and they are taking advantage of a more balanced market with more inventory and options available to get under contract

Now, just because inventory is increasing doesn’t mean that prices are decreasing. We need to remember that…

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Solveig Splash Pad 1) I have to start in my hometown of Stoughton at the Nordic Ridge Splash Pad. It's primary color theme is bright and inviting as it's really a "neighborhood" park it's NEVER crowded (still!)/ There's an awesome accessible playground right next to it with two covered areas for parents to enjoy the shade and keep an eye on the kiddos. The huge green space is wonderful to run around and roll down the hill too! This summer the Stoughton Public Library and Stoughton Parks & Rec are putting on free family Movies in the Park 2 Friday nights each in July, August, and September. Check the Parks & Rec website for dates & more details! 2) Wetmore Park is a new (completed in 2021) splash pad in Sun Prairie that we discovered last summer. Its darling…

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Homeownership is Still the American Dream

Is Homeownership Still the American Dream? | MyKCM

Defining the American dream is personal, and no one individual will have the same definition as another. But the feelings it brings about – success, freedom, and a sense of prosperity – are universal. That’s why, for many people, homeownership remains a key part of the American dream. Your home is your stake in the community, a strong financial investment, and an achievement to be proud of.

A recent survey from Bankrate asked respondents to rank achievements as indicators of financial success, and the responses prove that owning a home is still important to so many Americans today (see graph below):

As the graph shows, homeownership ranks above other significant milestones, including…

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If You’re Selling Your House This Summer, Hiring a Pro Is Critical

If You’re Selling Your House This Summer, Hiring a Pro Is Critical | MyKCM

It can be tempting, especially with how hot the housing market has been over the past two years, to consider selling your home on your own. But today’s market is at a turning point, making it more essential than ever to work with a real estate professional.

Not only will a trusted real estate advisor keep you updated and help you make the best decisions based on current market trends, but they’re also experts in managing the many aspects of selling your house.

Here are five key reasons why working with a real estate professional makes sense today.

1. A Professional Follows the Latest Market Trends

With higher mortgage rates, rising home prices, and a growing number…

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