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New Construction Broker NoteThe new construction home market in the greater Madison area is thriving, offering abundant opportunities to bring your dream home to life at various price points across diverse communities. With a persistent shortage of inventory spanning over a decade, homebuilders are actively bridging the gap, presenting hopeful homebuyers with enticing ownership prospects.

In select areas, the entry point for new construction homes may begin in the mid $300s, particularly on the outskirts of Dane County and extending into neighboring communities like Edgerton and Belleville. These competitive price ranges cater to buyers with specific budgets who prefer to avoid or are unable to engage in the competitive landscape of existing inventory.

When delving into new…

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For Gen Z in Madison, Wisconsin, the dream of homeownership faces a unique set of challenges. While historically low interest rates presented an opportunity in recent years, rising mortgage rates coupled with a competitive housing market have created a significant hurdle for many young professionals.

Headwinds in the Madison Market

Madison, a city known for its energetic college-town atmosphere and thriving tech industry, has also experienced a surge in housing prices. WRA reports indicate Wisconsin's housing market is experiencing a surge, with strong buyer demand pushing existing home sales up significantly. April 2024 data reveals a 25.7% year-over-year increase in sales and a median home price reaching $300,000, a 6.4% jump. This trend…

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You see the Just Sold and For Sale posts, but not every transaction is smooth sailing. Beyond the For Sale sign, there is often an assortment of obstacles and hurdles to navigate throughout the buying and selling process that don't always get shown. 103 E Cordelia Street was a difficult transaction for all parties where it seemed like we were met with road blocks at every single turn, but with teamwork, determination and getting our hands dirty, we were able to power through to the finish line. And at the end of the day, 

What you won't see from the Just Sold sign is the appraisal issues that came up and the list of fixes that needed to be completed at the 11th hour. 

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