Building a Family Friendly Home: 5 Must-Haves For Kids

  1. Child Proof Outlets
    • Every year, more than 2,400 children in the United States are treated in emergency rooms due to electrical shocks and burns from tampering with electrical outlets. Installing child proof outlets, also called tamper resistant receptacles, provides an inexpensive, simple, and permanent solution for these accidents.
  2. Rounded Corners 
    • Make sure to ask your builder to round all your corners. Rounded corners are a must for small children- they help prevent any accidents. Rounded corners are often seen as being more aesthetically pleasing than square corners too. They can give a room a softer, more inviting look and feel.
  3. Cabinets to the Ceiling
    • Take your cabinets to the ceiling for extra space to store all appliances and kitchen items you want out of reach from kids. It also creates a smooth, fuss-free aesthetic, and avoids creating dust traps on top of the cabinets.
  4. Tumble Fireplace Rocks
    •  Have your builder ask the masonry worker to tumble your fireplace surround rock extra so there are no sharp corners. 
  5.  Childproof Fireplace
    • Make sure the fireplace you get has a protective screen over the glass. Screens reduce risks of serious burns by creating a barrier that prevents skin from coming into direct contact with the hot glass.  We chose the brand Heatilator gas fireplaces as the inserts are outfitted with factory-provided protective safety screens. 
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