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July Broker NoteWe've been experiencing an abundance of rain in our area lately. Whenever we endure days of torrential downpours and storms, my anxiety spikes as I think about my current and past clients. My immediate concern? Wet basements. Over my years in real estate, reviewing hundreds of inspection reports and learning from inspectors has taught me a lot about keeping basements dry. Here are some crucial steps homeowners can take:

  1. Check Your Gutters! Clogged gutters filled with leaves and debris obstruct water flow, causing it to spill over the sides and pool near the foundation. This exacerbates any existing vulnerabilities, potentially leading to water intrusion.

  2. Inspect Your Downspouts! Bent or improperly functioning downspouts, or missing…

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New Construction Broker NoteThe new construction home market in the greater Madison area is thriving, offering abundant opportunities to bring your dream home to life at various price points across diverse communities. With a persistent shortage of inventory spanning over a decade, homebuilders are actively bridging the gap, presenting hopeful homebuyers with enticing ownership prospects.

In select areas, the entry point for new construction homes may begin in the mid $300s, particularly on the outskirts of Dane County and extending into neighboring communities like Edgerton and Belleville. These competitive price ranges cater to buyers with specific budgets who prefer to avoid or are unable to engage in the competitive landscape of existing inventory.

When delving into new…

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If you follow any major publication, you know that real estate and real estate commissions have been a hot topic as of late. However, the headlines aren’t always what they seem, so my goal with this month’s blog is to help you understand how to decipher the real-world vs the headlines.

One major discrepancy in how the media is reporting on the news about real estate commissions is that they are saying real estate commissions have been set unfairly and are regulated by the National Association of Realtors. However, real estate commissions have always been negotiable. In Madison alone, there are firms where you can spend a very nominal flat fee to “list” your home on the MLS – this flat fee includes only the MLS input, and not anything else (professional…

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As expected, the market has heated up quickly throughout these first several weeks of 2024 – a significant shift from Q4 of 2023. In the last half of 2023, rates continued to increase which saw buyer demand decrease. This, paired with typical holiday/winter seasonality, saw a far slower market the last part of the year, slower than we have seen for several years with fewer sales than pre-pandemic levels.

Today’s market has stark differences. Now, rates are going the other direction – they’re decreasing, and with the pent up demand from last year, we expect more buyers to continue to enter the market with every additional rate decrease. Additionally, most real estate sales in Wisconsin tend to happen in Q2 and Q3 due to the weather warming up and…

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✨2023 was a year of challenge, opportunity, change and growth.    The Challenge: This was the hardest real estate market I’ve endured in my career so far. Since getting licensed in 2017, the market has gone up, up and away. For the first time in over a decade, the market cooled down when interest rates rose quickly, causing demand to reach historic lows. We saw listings sit on the market longer, with less competition, and with slower price appreciation than in previous years. This further tightened the already historically low inventory levels, causing 30% fewer sales opportunities in South Central Wisconsin.   The Opportunity: The difficult market conditions brought an exodus of agents leaving the industry- some local MLS’s have averaged…

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Think Twice Before Waiting for Lower Home Prices

As the housing market continues to change, you may be wondering where it’ll go from here. One factor you’re probably thinking about is home prices, which have come down a bit since they peaked last June. And you’ve likely heard something in the news or on social media about a price crash on the horizon. As a result, you may be holding off on buying a home until prices drop significantly. But that’s not the best strategy.

A recent survey from Zonda shows 53% of millennials are still renting right now because they’re waiting for home prices to come down. But here’s the thing: the most recent data shows that home prices appear to have bottomed out and are now on the rise again. Selma Hepp, Chief…

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