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Last month I celebrated a super exciting closing with my client, Stacy!

Stacy was a first time homebuyer who never thought that buying a home could be possible for her. She met with Anna at UW Credit Union in May who put together some great financing options for her and instilled her in that her dream of homeownership was indeed possible. Anna then connected Stacy with me to find and secure the perfect home. We met and I educated Stacy on the market before we starting showings. After only 2 showings, she fell in love with a sweet Bungalow in Eken Park where she can bike downtown for work and walk to restaurants just down the street!

We sat down and discussed the terms for a competitive offer on this property that already had a few offers…

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In recent years, the real estate industry has witnessed a significant shift as smart home technology has become increasingly integrated into homes. From smart thermostats and lighting to security systems and voice-activated assistants, these technological advancements are not only changing the way we live but also influencing the way we buy and sell homes.

Buyer Appeal: The allure of a smart home is undeniable. Buyers are increasingly seeking properties with integrated smart features that offer convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced security. Smart technology has become a key differentiator in the real estate market, attracting tech-savvy buyers who are willing to pay a premium for homes equipped with the latest innovations.


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For Gen Z in Madison, Wisconsin, the dream of homeownership faces a unique set of challenges. While historically low interest rates presented an opportunity in recent years, rising mortgage rates coupled with a competitive housing market have created a significant hurdle for many young professionals.

Headwinds in the Madison Market

Madison, a city known for its energetic college-town atmosphere and thriving tech industry, has also experienced a surge in housing prices. WRA reports indicate Wisconsin's housing market is experiencing a surge, with strong buyer demand pushing existing home sales up significantly. April 2024 data reveals a 25.7% year-over-year increase in sales and a median home price reaching $300,000, a 6.4% jump. This trend…

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You see the Just Sold and For Sale posts, but not every transaction is smooth sailing. Beyond the For Sale sign, there is often an assortment of obstacles and hurdles to navigate throughout the buying and selling process that don't always get shown. 103 E Cordelia Street was a difficult transaction for all parties where it seemed like we were met with road blocks at every single turn, but with teamwork, determination and getting our hands dirty, we were able to power through to the finish line. And at the end of the day, 

What you won't see from the Just Sold sign is the appraisal issues that came up and the list of fixes that needed to be completed at the 11th hour. 

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Buying a new home doesn't happen overnight. If you want to move in to your new home by Summer, here's the timeline you should follow! 

Let's start backwards.

Let's say you want to move in to your new home over Summer and be in by the 4th of July. That means at the latest you want to close by July 1st. 

By the time you finish the inspection and give a little wiggle room in case repairs need to be made before closing, you'll want to give yourself at least 2 1/2 weeks. So inspection would need to be completed by June 12th. 

It can take 7-10 days after an accepted offer for an inspection company to work on your home, so you'll want to have an offer submitted no later than June 2nd. 

If it takes an average of 4 weeks for a homebuyer in Dane…

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Finding Opportunities for Hopeful Homebuyers

Hope Lies Ahead for Homebuyers

The real estate market for homebuyers since the beginning of 2024 has been challenging for several reasons. The obvious reason for this is affordability due to rising interest rates; this isn’t a new topic. Rates peaked over 8% in Q4 of 2023, and while they haven’t yet gotten back to that level in 2024, the rates are still significantly higher than they were 12 months ago, and they haven’t yet dropped like economists forecasted them to. This has a considerable impact on a buyer’s monthly payment and affordability; what they could once afford, they can no longer. However, hope lies ahead!

The result of the increasing rates in Q3 and Q4 of 2023 – paired with decreasing seasonal inventory – was pent up demand as we…

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Tips for a Refreshing Outdoor Space

Your home's landscape is more than just a backdrop – it's an extension of your living space and a vital component of its overall appeal. Whether you're looking to enhance your outdoor living experience or boost your home's curb appeal, refreshing your landscape can make a significant impact. Here are some tips to help you create a stunning outdoor oasis:

  1. Plan and Design - Before you start digging, take the time to plan and design your landscape. Consider factors such as your home's architectural style, your lifestyle and outdoor activities, and your budget. Sketch out a rough layout of your outdoor space, including areas for entertaining, gardening, and relaxation.

  2. Focus on Functionality - Think about how you want to use your…

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Madison consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in the United States, and for good reason. Its thriving community, cultural richness, and emphasis on quality of life make it an attractive destination for potential homeowners. The city boasts excellent schools, world-class healthcare facilities, and a plethora of recreational activities, making it an ideal location. As a real estate agent, understanding the unique features that make Madison desirable is essential for effectively guiding clients through the homebuying process. Let's explore why Madison is a coveted destination for those seeking not just a house, but a home.

  1. Vibrant Real Estate Market: Madison boasts a robust and dynamic real estate market, making it an ideal…

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So, you're thinking about buying a new home or investment property? Awesome! But before you take the plunge, let's talk about how to make sure you're totally prepared. From figuring out your budget to knowing what you really want, here's your go-to guide for making smart real estate moves.

1. Get Real About Your Money
Before you start browsing listings, take a good look at your finances. Figure out how much you can realistically spend on a property, including stuff like the down payment, monthly mortgage payments, and all those sneaky extra costs. It's also a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage so you know what you can actually borrow.

2. Make Your Wish List
What are your non-negotiables and your nice-to-haves in a property? Do you need a…

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The Lender Lowdown

Your Burning Questions Answered

I teamed up with Anna Wise from UW Credit Union to answer YOUR burning questions about all things loans and interest rates in this market! 

How long does it take to get pre-approved?

To start the preapproval process, you will need to submit an application to Anna. Give yourself about 20 min to get through the questions. She will review the application within 24 -48 hours once it’s been submitted. If the application is complete, and she is able to issue a letter, your preapproval will be good for about 4 months or 120 days.

Is there anything I can do to get a better interest rate?

This is going to be a question best answered once Anna has all your information. You and Anna will discuss…

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