Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

July Broker NoteWe've been experiencing an abundance of rain in our area lately. Whenever we endure days of torrential downpours and storms, my anxiety spikes as I think about my current and past clients. My immediate concern? Wet basements. Over my years in real estate, reviewing hundreds of inspection reports and learning from inspectors has taught me a lot about keeping basements dry. Here are some crucial steps homeowners can take:

  1. Check Your Gutters! Clogged gutters filled with leaves and debris obstruct water flow, causing it to spill over the sides and pool near the foundation. This exacerbates any existing vulnerabilities, potentially leading to water intrusion.

  2. Inspect Your Downspouts! Bent or improperly functioning downspouts, or missing extenders, can redirect water towards your foundation instead of away from it. Ensure they are clear and properly positioned to direct water away from your home.

  3. Evaluate Your Grading! Proper grading ensures rainwater flows away from your home, rather than towards it and pooling around the foundation. Adjusting the grade of your yard can often be done without professional help, but sometimes a landscaper's expertise is needed.

  4. Maintain Your Sump Pump! Simple oversights like an unplugged sump pump can lead to basement flooding. Ensure your sump pump is operational and plugged in to prevent water buildup.

For older homes with stone foundations, especially those made from porous materials like limestone, keeping basements completely dry can be challenging. As foundations settle and shift over time, cracks may develop, allowing for seepage. If persistent moisture issues arise, consider consulting a professional basement waterproofing company. They may recommend solutions such as drain tile installation, sump pump upgrades, or other waterproofing measures.

Remember, proactive maintenance is key to keeping your basement dry and your home protected from water damage. Don't hesitate to reach out for recommendations or assistance—protecting your investment is worth it!

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